Mother of Preschoolers

It is a positive and caring network designed to nurture mothers with children through infancy through kindergarten. MOPS groups meet in churches through the United States, Canada, and nineteen other countries.  The women are of many ages and backgrounds, but share the same desire- to be the best mothers they can be!





Experiencing God's love through



Support & affirmation.






I'm so glad to have found a group like this! I'm a 1st time mom and I don't see how anyone can do it alone...just to know that I can call or text another mom when I have a question is such a great feeling. As moms we have a special bond...and they truly understand where you are coming from.


Kristin C.


What I'm most grateful for about our MOPS group is having a support system when I feel like giving up on this thing called Motherhood. It's amazing to have other Moms walk beside you, encouraging you along the way.


Christy P.